Online or phone orders

During this period of social distancing, we encourage online or telephone purchases. We are following the recommendations of the authorities and until april 13 the stores will be closed until april 13th. See you soon.
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Indoor Child's play

Our mushroom growing kits are marvelous learning tools for the whole family. Mycoboutique offers a astonishing variety of species. In the comfort of your home, get the fun out of fungi, and eat your own harvest!
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Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

The mushroom cultivation workshop on April 5th has been cancelled, following health authorities recommendations. Hoping for the best, you can sign up for the one on May 10th. For gardens and logs. Call us to sign up!
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Dreams of mushroom-hunting

The days are getting longer and Spring is getting closer: now's a great time to plan your mushroom-hunting excursions! 
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Get to Know Québec's Wild Mushrooms

You're so sorry you can't recognize most if not all mushrooms you come across in your hikes. How about a pleasant evening April 30 discovering the blossoming diversity around us? Book your place right away! 
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Wanted: Woodlands!

With your help, Mycoboutique explores new mushroom gathering locations. If you own a wooded lot within 120 km of Montreal and want to discover its fungal beauty with one of our groups, please get in touch with us.
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April 30, 2020

Introduction to Wild Mushrooms of Northeastern North America

All those who want to benefit from edible mushrooms from surrounding forests are invited to a...
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March 14, 2020

Lion's Mane on a Bear's Head

He approaches the cash register. A man in his early forties, bald. Alex starts by telling me his...
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November 20, 2019

Magic Mushrooms and Psychotherapy

A few days ago, a customer named Kevin visited Mycoboutique’s shop in Montréal. Among other...
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