Our excursion season is in full swing. Come and join other hikers for an exhilarating experience with experienced guides.
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Literate mushrooms

Mushrooms devouring good books? Of course, but oysters and other species would prefer our growing kits.
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Mushroom Cuisine group on FB

Come join and feed the new group Mushroom Cuisine on Facebook.
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Inoculation Syringes

If you aim at cultivating your own mushrooms, inoculation syringes are very convenient. A friend, Alex Danis, sent us this picture of his succes. And we have many species on hand.

St. Denis Street Goes Wild!

The construction on St. Denis Street is finished! Sidewalks, watermains, asphalt, and street furniture are all brand new. The six lanes on the street are open and the parking is plentiful (and free until parking meters are installed). Welcome to Mycoboutique!