Given the interest generated by our exhibition of local artists and craftsmen inspired by fungi, Mycorama is prolonged until December 31. Not to be missed at the shop.
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Reduced shipping rates

The rates for regular shipping across Canada have been reduced from $15 to $10, from now until 31 December 2017. Enjoy the savings and place your orders for Christmas and New Years Eve. 

Unique gifts

Unique Gift Ideas? Our delectable creations: lentil and lobster mushroom soup, smoked slippery Jack mustard, Chanterelle Kimchi, Porcini Shortbread, Pink Oyster Mushroom Salt, Candy Cap cookies, Porcini Risotto, etcetera. 
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Training Course on Wild Mushrooms

Register for our intensive weekend training course on picking wild mushrooms, February 17 and 18. It also includes a whole day summer excursion in a nearby forest. (Written materials in French). 
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Workshop on Mushroom Cultivation

 The time has come to learn how to grow your own mushrooms: our next workshop is Sunday morning, March 25 2018. Sign up now!
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Master fermentation

Early next Year, spend the morning of Sunday February 11 with us and discover how to make your own kombucha, kefir, tempeh. sauerkraut.
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Truffles for Dummies

There are several hundred species of truffles. Some dispel an intensely catchy aroma and can reach astronomical prices. To recognize them, read our "Truffles for Dummies". 
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