Only a few places left!

The number of registered participants to our excursions is increasing daily. There are still some places for our September and October outing. No time to waste! 
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Master fermentation

October 20th, spend Sunday morning  with us and discover how to make your own kombucha, kefir, tempeh. sauerkraut.
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Get to Know Québec's Wild Mushrooms

You're so sorry you can't recognize most if not all mushrooms you come across in your hikes. How about a pleasant evening September 5 discovering the blossoming diversity around us? Book your place right away! 
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Course on recreational and commercial mushrooming

You wish to know how to pick wild mushrooms safely? You want to guide groups in forest? To sell your harvest? Well, we are offering a 3 days course Feb. 24th, March 3rd with an excursion during summer next Year! 
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Morels for all

Mycoboutique anticipates a good morel harvest this season. Our forecast  turned out. Our 20% price reduction is maintained until the end of August.
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An exciting challenge

Both prized and mysterious, morels have been hard to cultivate. Mycoboutique has the most promising species for cultivation, in bags or on petri dishes. The timing is good for planting in August and September.
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