Grow your own truffles

 A first in our area! Grow your own truffles on your lawn: the local Appalachian truffle or the French Burgundian, equally aromatic, on inoculated oak or hazelnut trees. With care and patience, for as little as $26.95.
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Unique gifts

Unique Gift Ideas? Our delectable creations: lentil and lobster mushroom soup, smoked slippery Jack mustard, Chanterelle Kimchi, Porcini Shortbread, Pink Oyster Mushroom Salt, Candy Cap cookies, Porcini Risotto, chaga or reishi infused honey, SCOBY for...
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The gardener's assistant

Over the last 400 million years, fungi have played an essential role in plant growth. The same species can be at work in your garden today and they are on sale until June. 
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Initiation to wild edible plants

July 16, Alex Bergeron, botanist, shares with you his passion for our wild edible plants: entertaining and informative ! 
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Grow your own mushrooms

June 18, learn how to cultivate your own mushrooms outside. Judith Noël-Gagnon, biologist, will be your instructor.  
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National Holidays

Mycoboutique will be closed for the national holidays, Saturday June 24 and July First.   Happy Holidays everyone!

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