Grow your own truffles

 A first in our area! Grow your own truffles on your lawn: the local Appalachian truffle or the French Burgundian, equally aromatic, on inoculated oak or hazelnut trees. With care and patience, for as little as $26.95.
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Unique gifts

Unique Gift Ideas? Our delectable creations: lentil and lobster mushroom soup, smoked slippery Jack mustard, Chanterelle Kimchi, Porcini Shortbread, Pink Oyster Mushroom Salt, Candy Cap cookies, Porcini Risotto, chaga or reishi infused honey, SCOBY for...
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Wanted: Wooded Land

As always, we are offering numerous gathering excursions this Summer. Our aim is to explore as many new mushroom gathering locations as possible. If you have a wooded lot within 120 km of Montreal and you want to develop its mycological potential, please get in touch with us. 
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Cheaper in August

Here are a few monthly opportunities to spoil yourself: 15% off all mushroom growing kits, off Nesco's 500-watt dehydrators, off shoulderstrap willow baskets; 20% discount on dozens of books on mushrooms, permaculture, forestry and wild edible plants. 
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Coffee Grounds to Extend Cultivation

You bought some of our culture bags? You can extend their yield with coffee grounds. Easy: Read how! 
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Our Next Foray

Our next foraging excursion is in Lanaudière region, Aug. 19: don,t miss out! 
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