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Steam Indicator Tape


Product Details

  • Brand : 3M
  • Model : 1322-18mm
  • Dimensions : 18mm / 0.70" X 55m/60yd

Details ·         Lead-free ink means no hazardous waste issues ·         Trusted, high quality adhesive ·         Stretchable backing that minimizes tape "pop-off" during sterilization ·         Can be written on or labeled with pre-printed labels An exposure monitor that securely seals packs, and provides a visual assurance that the package has been exposed to the steam sterilization process. As an exposure monitor, 3M™ Comply Indicator Tapes securely seal packs and enables the medical device reprocessing department (MDRD) and OR personnel to know at a glance that the packs have been exposed to the sterilization process. The chemical indicator ink, printed in a diagonal striped pattern, changes colour or turns darker when exposed to the sterilization process. Suggested Applications ·         For use in the construction of common orthopaedic splints ·         Can serve to seal sterilization packs

·         Can be used on all disposable and reusable wraps 

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