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Slime Molds
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Every spring, thousands of gatherers from all parts of the World converge to Yukon in search of precious morels. Indeed, morels emerge en masse where forests fires have raged the previous summer. Langdon Cook in "The Mushroom Hunters" and Benoît Peyre in "À la poursuite des morilles de feu" (soon available) both give fascinating accounts of this seasonal migration. In "Eldorado in Hell", follow a pair of Quebec adventurers to the burns near Watson Lake. 

That said, last summer, forest fires have been the most devastating in decades. Thus, an abundant harvest should be expected next spring. The price of morels should be more affordable. You don't have to bet on it: all through January, our prices for dried morels are reduced by 15%.

Expo Manger Santé is an annual healthy eating event. It is held from March 23 to 25 at the Palais des Congrès convention center in Montreal. Mycoboutique is there to present the delights and health benefits of mushrooms. We will welcome you at booth #124 , close to the conference floor where we will be explaining how to cultivate your own mushrooms.

Also note we will be offering a fermentation workshop February 11 and an intensive training for pickers and guides February 17. Our mushroom cultivation workshop, initially scheduled for March 25, will be held April 8 instead, because of scheduling conflict with Expo manger Santé.

Of course, summer outings are already open for registrations.

Mycoboutique would like to thank all the artists and artisans participating in the Mycorama exhibition: a marvelous ending for 2017 and an invitation to the creators for the next event!

After having been a preservation technique, lactofermentation is now practiced worldwide for its health benefits. Mycoboutique offers a wide range of anaerobic fermentation jars: top notch glass design, traditional german style earthenware, simple glass jars. Diane Demers recently added to our portfolio her magnificient indigo blue glazed pottery jars: 4,5, 7, 10 or 11 litres, all indigo blue glaze.

Candy Caps lactarius and Lion’s mane are back on our shelves, after a short leave. These milkies give off an intensely pleasant aroma while the lion's mane mushrooms have both gastronomic and medicinal qualities. They count among the thirty species of wild mushrooms in shop.

They are everywhere, in all climates, even under the snow pack. They appear, disappear, change colours, shape, and texture. At first glance, slime molds are mushrooms: gelatinous fungi, yet they are neither mushrooms nor plants. They are closer in fact to primitive, unicellular animals. They are the mysterious myxomycetes,organism that captivate mycologists.They can grow to form impressive masses, moving slowly (less than one cm/h) while engulfing their food: bacteria, plant debris, fungi. They have a kind of memory, abandoning paths that do not lead to food.

In parts of Mexico, some species, nicknamed Caca de Luna, are fried and added to tortillas for their almond flavor. Don’t call ghostbusters: They are marvels of nature and their life cycle is wonderfully photographed by Anne-Marie Rantet-Poux in Le monde étrange des myxomycètes and explained by Steven L. Stephenson in The Kingdom Fungi.

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