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Our program of activities includes forest excursions, mushroom or fermentation workshops, and foraging initiations. These opportunities are announced periodically for all, experts and beginners.

In this regard, an excursion has been added to the program: Saturday, September 21st. Mycoboutique also organises activities on request according to the needs of particular groups. These tailor-made events are excellent team building experiences for company employees, for instance. 

The success of the Wild Mushroom Initiation Evening, last April 25th, has pressed us to organise a second similar spring time event.

June 13th from 7pm to 9pm, joyfully prepare yourself for the coming picking season. The guide is bilingual, the slides are in French.


The end of winter marks a return of the Pink Oyster Mushroom in our store. A flamboyant tropical species (Pleurotus djamor), this oyster is distinguished by its extravagant beauty. Our grow kits grow quickly, but require more moisture than their familiar cousin, the Oyster mushroom. You will be able to garnish your salads and dishes with an incredible brightness and a delicate flavour.

The Pink Oyster Mushroom may be eaten raw or cooked, without losing its panache.

Our collection of fabrics display a range of colours inspired by mushrooms. You can make your own tablecloths, dish towels, curtains, dresses ... Mycoboutique found a new print from Japan with bright colours, made of cotton (80%) and linen (20%). Let your imagination go!  All @ $23 per meter.

Biologist Roger Larivière is an expert of our Northern forests, their plants and mushrooms. His landmark book on the fungi of the boreal forest is now available in English.

Magnificently illustrated, well documented, concise, Edible Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest is a must on everyone's book shelves, everyone interested in the surrounding wilderness that is.


It was once thought that morels were either yellow or black. We now know that they are grouped into two distinct lineages, yellow or black, each comprising dozens of species sharing the same ancestor. Dozens of species but with an obvious kinship and a unique flavor.

In our latitudes, the seasonal harvest has barely begun. The conditions of an abundant harvest seem to be in place though. Mycoboutique takes the lead: the prices of dried morels have been drastically revised downward: from $ 55.00 to $ 44.00 for a 100 g and from $ 16.60 to $ 14.00 a 30g bag for the month of May and maybe beyond if our forecast holds up. 

Robert Rogers is an authority on medicinal mushrooms from North America. His guide, The Fungal Pharmacy, lists studies on the alleged properties of each species and also explains the traditional uses. Another major author, Gary Linkoff, was, until his death in 2018, an outstanding personality of the world mycological scene. He is the author of the timeless National Audubon Field Guide to North American Mushrooms.  

If you are interested in mushroom health and or wild mushroom harvesting, then in May, the price of Rogers` book will be reduced from $34.00 to $27.20 and Linkoff`s book from $31.95 to $25.60, a discount of 20%. 


For some, May is the month of morels. It is also the month of Verpas, a related genus, two species of which are found here: the delicious Verpa bohemica and the suspect Verpa conica. The rarer of the two, the verpa conica is of uncertain edibility and ingestion is not recommended.

Verpa bohemicas are delicious but, like morels, must be thoroughly cooked, dried or blanched before eating.


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