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Dreaming about escaping the daily grind? Join us for some mycological fun! 

On July 4th, you are invited to a relaxed evening introduction to wild mushrooms, here at the Mycoboutique. As of July 20th, we will be offering our classic weekly mushroom-hunting excursions, taking you out into the woods about an hour from Montreal.

On May 18, during our first seasonal outing hosted by the new owners of a woodlot, our playful group of hikers happily discovered springtime plants, fungi and even wild turkey eggs nestled among brick-colored hypholoma mushrooms)! If you would enjoy hosting an excursion on your woodlot with such a group, contact Mycoboutique. 

On September 30th, make your favourite fermented food and drinks. Mycoboutique offers expert advice and the widest range of popular starters for making kefirs, kombucha, miso, tempeh, sake, amazake, cheese, sauerkraut, etc.

Fruit kefir, for instance, is a traditional drink from Mexico, where it is called tibicos. It lends itself to many delicious recipes. You'll love our hibiscus flower water kefir recipe that you can turn into a raspberry pudding.

Look no further and remember: all necessary instructions are posted on our website.

Morels are sought after for their taste. Despite persistent efforts, their cultivation is still surprisingly challenging. Species of the Morchella genus are numerous: at least 22 are native to North America and of those, 3 stand out as North Easteners: the northern black (M. septentrionalis), often associated with large-toothed aspen, the American yellow (M. americana), under elms, and the mulch morel (M. importuna). For a successful harvest, it is best to cultivate morels in the environment preferred by each species and to follow the recommended procedure for that species.

For that reason, Mycoboutique recommends a specific method for cultivating morels.

The time is right for outdoor cultivation: seeding is best done in cool weather in late spring and early or late summer. Black morel spawn is available at the Mycoboutique in a convenient 1kg bag for 35$. The mycelium of several other morel species is also available in syringes and on petri dishes.

Important reminder: our dried morels from the Yukon are still available at unbeatable prices, at least until the end of June.

Logs on our forest floors are often coated with mushrooms strangely reminiscent of human ears: thee edible American wood ears (Auricularia americana), whose chewy texture is unfamiliar in our culinary tradition. However, this native local species is of the same genus as the similar but darker asian wood ears (Auricularia auricula-judae), found in so many Chinese dishes: soups, rolls, dumplings, etc.

No need to wisper while hiking: wood ears are deaf.

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