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Sweet Tooth Mushrooms
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No need to remind you that the last few months have been rather wet. And more of the same for a short while, at least. Bad for sun bathing but good for picking. We can already see chanterelles appearing everywhere. Today, we offer two more outings: on September 29 in Lanaudière and on October 5 in Outaouais. Do not wait to register!

And why not join us at the shop for an evening of wild mushroom initiation. Be quick ! There are still some places left. The written material is in French, but questions and answers are in the language of your choice.

Speaking of outings, deer ticks that transmit the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease are expanding their habitat north of the St. Lawrence River. Infections can be prevented. In a blog, Mycoboutique explains how it should be done and we have the best tools including the most efficient repellent and a clamp to remove ticks attached to your skin.

Do you want to reduce your meat consumption? Our "veggie" burgers with portobello mushrooms provides a satisfying taste with the same feeling of satiety.

Also, if you want to make your yogurt without using milk, a single bag (30 g) of soy-based culture will give you 6 liters of tasty yogurt.

Speaking of nutrition, here is a delicious tropical cousin of our oyster mushroom, the golden oyster (Pleurotus citrinopileatus). Thanks to our kits, you can now grow your own and enlighten your salads.  With some flamboyant pink oysters (Pleurotus djamor) on the side it makes for a spectacular dish. 

In 2015, Mr. Alpha Sow initiated a project in Senegal to produce oyster mushrooms. The project aims to introduce young men and women from the countryside to mushroom production, thus reducing emigration. Alpha is proud of the results obtained with Mycoboutique strains: his major challenge is to provide young entrepreneurs with quality mycelium at a competitive price. 

Last Autumn, our forecast for this spring's morel harvest was based on the extent of last summer's forest fire west of the Rockies.

Here is what Josée wrote us on June 20 at the foot of the Rockies, where she and Romain pitched their camp: "We are 5 gatherers and we have done 5 days of gathering. On the very productive days, we brought back more than 140 pounds of morels. We dry the morels on the spot in the dryer installed on the shore of the river. On the first day, while driving towards the burns, we saw 8 bears, including a grizzly bear with her 2 cubs ". A thrilling adventure in wonderland!

We were spot on: we can pursue our low price policy for morels @ $14 for a 30g bag, $44 for 100g. 

Hedgehogs (Hydnum repandum) are sought-after for their mild flavor and firm flesh. In fact, a smaller look-alike, the orange colored Sweet Tooths (H. umbilicatum) is much more abundant. It can be found as early as July and as late as October.
Both species are excellent edibles, best eaten fresh. Both give off aromas of freshly cut grass, mandarin, and flowers.
Recipes are not lacking: to bring out the subtle flavors, Mycoboutique recommends our simple sweet tooth stir fry with cilantro, inspired by Frank Schmitts. The spines become bitter with maturity. They can be discarded before cooking.

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