Public reopening

The instructions of Public Health Authorities are followed at the store. You are welcomed to shop in store. As always, our team of experts will be pleased to answer your questions. In addition, we continue to take your online or telephone orders.
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Indoor Child's play

Our mushroom growing kits are marvelous learning tools for the whole family. Mycoboutique offers a astonishing variety of species. In the comfort of your home, get the fun out of fungi, and eat your own harvest!
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Wanted: Woodlands!

With your help, Mycoboutique explores new mushroom gathering locations. If you own a wooded lot within 120 km of Montreal and want to discover its fungal beauty with one of our groups, please get in touch with us.
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Local Supply

At this time of year, our fresh mushrooms are locally sourced. Is your harvest bountiful? You may sell us your quality catches: porcinis, chanterelles, trumpets, matsutake, candy caps, aniseed funnel caps and other prized species! Call us at 514 223977!  

Robert Bellemare at the Mycoboutique

Retired forest engineer, Robert Bellemarre is also a talented wood craftman. He sculpts mushrooms of all kinds in native tree species that he carefully chooses. His works of art make unforgettable gifts.
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Intensive Training on Wild Mushrooms

Register for our next intensive weekend training on wild mushrooms harvesting, January 26 and 27. The course includes a whole day summer excursion in a nearby forest. (Written materials in French). 
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September 27, 2020

Wild Mushrooms Discovery - September 27th 2020

*Activity offered in French only, although you may ask questions in English.*   Proposed...
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March 14, 2020

Lion's Mane on a Bear's Head

He approaches the cash register. A man in his early forties, bald. Alex starts by telling me his...
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November 20, 2019

Magic Mushrooms and Psychotherapy

A few days ago, a customer named Kevin visited Mycoboutique’s shop in Montréal. Among other...
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