September 25, 2011

Mushroom Flavors

Worldwide, the white button mushroom has come to typify what's called a mushroomy taste. Yet there is amazing diversity of flavour, texture, and aroma among the various mushroom species. At this time of year for example, under birches and spruces across the North-East, there is an abundance of Peppery Boletes (Chalciporus piperatus) that will enhance the flavor of your main dishes. The more discreet anise-scented Clitocybe (Clitocybe odora), found among dead leaves, is saturated with p-anisaldehyde which gives it its fabulous aroma. The Garlic Marasmius (Marasmius scorodonius), numerous among conifer needles, can deliciously replace garlic in your recipes. The Burnt-sugar Milky (Lactarius helvus on the picture), scattered among the sphagnum mosses of wet conifer woods, has an appealing maple flavor due to its high sotolone content. In good company, with a glass of yellow wine, sauterne, old port. You’re invited for a smell of a sugar shack at the boutique.

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