February 28, 2018

Tantalizing Truffles

At this time every Year, the  Montréal en lumière Festival is a unique chance to discover some of the World’s best chefs.

A few days ago,  after a days work, two of us met at the Brasserie T where chef Sterling was celebrating truffles. The journey began with mushroom soup or crusted rabbit pâté. Our choices for the main course were beef macreuse with gratin Dauphinois and cod garnished with salsify and Brussels sprouts.  Îles flottantes and panna cotta ended our three course meal.

A delight from start to finish! The black truffle of the Drôme, very thinly sliced, was omnipresent, although its aroma was rather discreet.

This unique event will not happen again anytime soon,. Meanwhile, you can try one of our own recipes, truffle marrow bone for instance. 

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