November 25, 2018

Mycophobia, the film

In June 2014, homeowners confronted with the proliferation of woolly filaments in the crawl space of their residence, turned to experts. They concluded that an insidious fungus, known as dry rot fungus, was eating  the wood frame of their home. Given the advanced deterioration of the building, demolition was recommended.

The media seized this «breaking»news, spreading fear among the population.
In December 2016, in a related blog, Mycoboutique expressed doubt about the severity of the threat.

Understandably though, pressed by public opinion, the provincial government commissioned a study. The conclusions published in June 2017 were reassuring. The rot can only develop between 5 and 26 degrees Celcius, on very damp wood, out of sight. Thus, the residence in question rested on a wooden frame on the ground. Moisture, influenced by changes in the level of a nearby lake, was confined by urethane sprayed onto the ceiling and walls of the crawl space.
In more than fifty years until 2010, about twenty less severe cases were identified locally. These days with the hysteria in the past and the lessons learned, professionals know how to recognize and prevent the problem. Nonetheless, for many, mushrooms will remain the usual suspect. 

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