January 28, 2019

Mushrooms in the new Canadian Food Guide

Health Canada writes somewhere that "mushrooms are part of a healthy diet and provide many of the nutrients your body needs." Why aqren't mushrooms mentionned anywhere in the food guide supposed to dictate our diet for the next few years? The answer is not obvious: mushrooms are implicitly, but anonymously, grouped with "vegetables and fruits". Forgeting that mushrooms are neither, the important thing is health. Mushrooms are full of flavors, proteins, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, without the calories, the sodium, the fat that too often accompany gastronomic pleasures. Button mushrooms, oyster pleurotus, morels even, all contain nearly as much protein as chickpeas, much more than broccoli. The maïtake harvested on our oaks contains more than 1000 units of vitamin D per 100 g, which is the recommended daily intake. To learn more, compare nutritional values on our web site. 

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