Palak Paneer and Slippery Jack

  • Preparation: 30 min
  • Cooking: 30 min
  • Portions: 6


    30g Slippery Jack mushrooms ( Suillus luteus ) dried or 150g of fresh Slippery Jack

    1 cup of mushroom broth

    1 block paneer or halloumi cheeses (or tofu) 

    3 tbsp butter

    1 onion, grated

    5 cloves garlic, crushed

    1 finely chopped green bell pepper

    2 cm grated ginger

    2 large packages of spinach well washed and finely chopped

    400g diced tomatoes

    ½ cup cream (optional)

    4 tsp ground cumin

    2 tsp. ground coriander

    2 tsp ground turmeric


Rehydrate the mushrooms in broth at least 30 min. Strain the broth and reserve. If using fresh mushrooms , especially for Slippery Jack and other Suillus, peel the cuticle (small sticky skin on the hat ).

Meanwhile, over medium heat lightly brown cheese or tofu in half the butter . Reserve. Over medium heat, cook onion until soft. Add mushrooms , stir and cook for 5 min. Add spices , ginger, garlic and pepper . When the mixture is fragrant , add the spinach and tomatoes. Season, careful paneer and halloumi are salty. Cover and simmer 30 min. If the mixture dries up, add the remaining broth that served to hydrate the mushrooms.

Uncover, add the cream and cheese or tofu. Stir and cook 3 min.

Serve with rice or naan or pita bread as a side dish or as the main course.

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