Veal sweetbreads and white truffle

  • Preparation: 2h
  • Cooking: 20 min
  • Portions: 4


     500 g sweatbreads

    1.5 l broth

    250 ml de vin blanc

    100 g farine

    2 tbsp butter

    2 tbsp huile

    125 ml sour cream

    75 g grated parmsan cheese

    1 french shallot finely diced.

    50 ml heavy cream

    Salt and pepper,



Preparation, Soak the sweatbreads in fresh and lightly salted water for two hours.  

While the sweatbreads soak, you can start the sauce:  Slice the shallot very fine and sauté them in some butter or oil. Deglaze with 100 ml of broth. Add the sour cream and cooking cream, let simmer for 15 minutes. Stirr in the grated parmesan, mix well. Keep warm and set a side.

Heat up the bouillon and white wine add the sweat breads right away, let simmer on low temperature for 45 min. Cool down the sweatbreads,  and remove any excess membranes and nerves. Cut into small stripes of one centimeter in thickness.  Pad dry, sprinkle with salt pepper and flour. Heat up a skillet with some butter and oil, sautéed them 4 minutes each side until golden brown. Serve the Sweet bread with the warm parmesan sauce, garnish with parmasan chips chips and a leave, of basil and last minute add the slices of white truffle