Wild Mushroom Foraging Course

Hundreds of aspiring pickers and guides have already received our intensive training in wild mushroom foraging. The course will be offered Feb. 5 and 6 2022 (in French). The third day of the course entails joining one of our summer excursions for a hands-on experience.  
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Mushroom dowels on sale

Looking for a summer's end project? There is still plenty of time to inoculate logs and start producing mushrooms of your own! Until the end of September, all of our mycelium dowels are 25% off. 
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Wine Caps September Sale

Planted before the frost, our Wine Cap growing kits should produce early next season and later if squirrels give you a chance. They are on sale in September @ $ 27 instead of $ 35. 
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Indoor Child's play

Our mushroom growing kits are marvelous learning tools for the whole family. Mycoboutique offers a astonishing variety of species. In the comfort of your home, get the fun out of fungi, and eat your own harvest!
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