Open / Closed for business

As of February 8, due to deconfinement, you can shop inside the store. At your convenience, you can also make your purchases online (for delivery) or by phone.The shop is open seven days a week until 5 p.m.  
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Indoor Child's play

Our mushroom growing kits are marvelous learning tools for the whole family. Mycoboutique offers a astonishing variety of species. In the comfort of your home, get the fun out of fungi, and eat your own harvest!
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Intensive Training on Wild Mushrooms

Register for our next intensive weekend training on wild mushrooms harvesting, May 8 and 9. The course includes a whole day summer excursion in a nearby forest. (Written materials in French). 
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Pink Valentine

For Valentine's Day, I must not forget to offer a bouquet of spectacular pink oyster mushrooms. Kits can be picked up in the shop, on sale for $22 instead of $27 until February 14. 
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