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Calcium Chloride (CACI2) anhydrous


Product Details

  • Origin : Canada
  • Amount : 3.5 oz

Anhydrous calcium chloride is used to correct mineral deficiencies in water which is to be used for brewing. It is used in de-mineralized or soft to medium hard water to increase permanent hardness. Calcium Chloride is effective in eliminating the variations in composition often encountered in water from surface sources. It will help establish proper pH of the mash and the wort and provide sufficient calcium ions essential for enzyme function, kettle protein coagulation and yeast metabolism. Use up to 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons before the boil. In cheesemaking, calcium chloride is sometimes added to processed (pasteurized/homogenized) milk to restore the natural balance between calcium and protein in casein. It is added before the coagulant.

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