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Hydrofogger, 3 heads, 120V


Product Details

  • Brand : The house of hydro
  • Model : 3 Disc Mist Maker
  • Origin : USA


  • 40°C MAX Operating Temp
  • ZERO LEDs = Zero Leaks!
  • Capacity of 36L/day
  • Output: 24V AC 72w 2.8A
  • Disk size: Ceramic/Teflon 20mm x 3
  • 1500 ml /hr
  • 32' long cable
  • Fogger size: 2 5/8"dia x 2 3/8"(h)
  • Buoy:6"(out dia)x 3"(in dia )x 3"(h) 
  • Manual 

Our newest generation Mist Maker without any leaky LED's to cause algae and premature failure! Zero, zip, zilch, not even a power indicator light. They caused failures, so we did away with them. 

The House of Hydro's powerful 3 head Head Water Fogger features three large 20mm misting points for the most powerful mist maker on the market. 

Contains 20mm high speed ceramic discs with a Teflon coating for easy maintenance and cleaning. Anything with a brass disc will make you miserable with maintenance. 
It comes with a transformer, a spare set of (3) 20mm replacement discs and the floating ring to keep it at the perfect depth.  

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