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Poplar Mushroom Spawn


Product Details

  • Brand : bavicchi
  • Origin : Italy
  • Latin name : Pholiota aegerita
  • Amount : 100 g
  • Weight : 100 g

A wonderful Italian delicacy, the Poplar Mushroom (Il Pioppino-under the Poplar tree) has a beautiful colour and firm texture particularly well suited for cooking in your favourite dish. Rarely found in North America , it has a unique flavour. Package Size: 100 grams - Botanical Name: Pholiota aegerita

Sowing instructions: Growing your own mushrooms can involve relatively little work, as long as the right growing environment is provided. Bavicchi's mushroom spore is in hermetically sealed long-life packages, and is pure spore coated on inert grain 'carrier' seed. Directions for cultivation are provided on the back of the package. 

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