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Aventure sauvage de la cueillette à l' assiette


Product Details

  • Brand : Marcel Broquet - La nouvelle édition
  • Author : Gérald Le Gal
  • Year : 2011
  • Pages : 207
  • ISBN : 9782923860046

This book describes many of the wonderful edibles to be found all around us. The author takes us on a voyage of discovery of more than 80 edible wild plants and forest mushrooms. He tells us where to find them, how to recognize and harvest them and how to prepare simple and delicious dishes. The nutritional aspects of wild foods are also discussed.

Conscious of the environment’s fragile nature, Gérald Le Gal shares personal anecdotes and his years of experience living off the land. You’ll read about harvesting techniques, preparing plants in the field and plenty of recipes. It boils down to taking a pleasant walk in the forest and making great meals in a natural and unique way. A bridge linking the old and the new!

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