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Bear Spray


Product Details

  • Amount : 225 g

A staple for anyone venturing into areas with potentially dangerous wildlife. If an interaction with a bear turns threatening, Bear Pepper Spray has been proven to be the most effective deterrent to an attack when used correctly (that's right, even more effective than a gun). 

Many conservation officers have begun recommending carrying Bear Spray not just for bears but also as a deterrent to cougar attacks in both the summer and winter.

Frontiersman Bear Pepper Spray has a fog pattern of 5.5m to create a barrier between you and the aggressive animal. An effective and economical product for anyone looking for piece of mind and safety while in the outdoors.



  • Available in 225g and 325g size
  • Glow in the dark safety wedge allows for location of unit in the dark
  • 0.857% Capsaicin will not cause permanent damage to the animal 
  • Effective range is approximately 5.5m (fog pattern)
  • Spray time 225g - 8 seconds
  • Spray time 325g - 12 seconds
  • Environmentally friendly ingredients 
  • Weight 225g- 0.31kg (0.86lbs)
  • Weight 325g- 0.45kg (0.99lbs)
  • Canister size 225g: Height- 21.59cm (8.5") Diameter- 5.08cm (2")
  • Canister size 325g: Height- 22.8cm (9") Diameter- 6.35cm (2 1/2")

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