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Lyophilised Penicillium candidum - Culture for white-rind cheeses


Product Details

  • Brand : Danisco
  • Model : CHOOZIT PC ABL LYO 10D
  • Origin : France
  • Latin name : Penicillium candidum
  • Amount : 10 D

White mold is the generic name given to Penicillium Candidum. For optimum white mold growth, white mold spores should be used in conjunction with Geotrichum Candidum.

This culture is an essential ingredient for ripening white-rind cheeses due to its role in colouring the surface of the cheese and their contribution to the flavour, texture and protection against contaminants.

The strains can be used for making soft ripened cheeses like Camembert, Brie, Tomme, UF, stabilised cheeses and rennet-style soft cheeses.

Storage: See best-before date on package. Store at -18°C

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