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King Oyster (eryngii) Mushroom Spawn


Product Details

  • Brand : bavicchi
  • Origin : Italy
  • Latin name : Pleurotus eryngii
  • Amount : 100 g
  • Weight : 100g

Very popular in Europe and Asia and just now being discovered here in North America, the oyster eryngii is sometimes called the King Oyster,Trumpet or Cardoncello. Although it can grow to considerable size (6-8in), it is usually harvested when smaller. With all the best characteristics you could want: meaty texture, great taste, long shelf life, and good shipping characteristics. Package Size: 100 grams - Botanical Name: Pleurotus eryngii

Sowing instructions: Growing your own mushrooms can involve relatively little work, as long as the right growing environment is provided. Bavicchi's mushroom spore is in hermetically sealed long-life packages, and is pure spore coated on inert grain 'carrier' seed. Directions for cultivation are provided on the back of the package.

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