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Wild Blewit - Liquid mycelium syringe


Product Details

  • Brand : Mycoboutique
  • Origin : Québec
  • Latin name : Lepista nuda
  • Amount : 10 ml

Liquid mycelium syringes are designed to facilitate inoculation of sterilized substrate ( rye, millet, corn for instance) and cakes of brown rice flour and vermiculite.

Shipping possible when the outside temperature is above 0 degrees Celsius. The syringe can be stored for more than 2 years in the refrigerator.

Blewit mushrooms is a cultivated mushroom that grows well outdoors as well as indoors in dead leaves, manure, and hardwood sawdust. Its taste is fruity with orange juice note. Its texture is firm and juicy. Our wild strain was harvested in a forest in Quebec and give fruits in late summer and fall.

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