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Product Details

  • Brand : Untamedfeast
  • Amount : 128 g

Mushroom & Plant-based gluten-free meat alternative for veggie burgers or veggie ground meat. Simply add water & egg (or egg substitute).

  • Makes 4 large burger patties OR
  • Makes 1lb of ground MushrooMeat™
  • Excellent for Tacos, Lasagna, Meatballs, Chilli and more
  • Ready in 15 minutes
  • Gluten-Free, Low-Sodium, Vegan-Friendly

- Ingredients: Soy bean protein, wild mushrooms (porcini, boletes, shiitake, oyster, agaricus) cornstarch, rice flour, nutritional yeast, sea salt, onion powder, white pepper, seaweed powder, stinging nettle, chaga mushroom powder. Allergens: soy, may contain sulphites, may have come into contact with tree nuts.




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