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Summer Truffle


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Product Details

  • Brand : Dolcenero Tartufi
  • Origin : Italy
  • Latin name : Tuber Aestivum
  • Amount : 20 g

Ingredients : Black truffle Summer (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), Water, salt.

This product is a natural garnish and is ideal for starters and main courses.

In the jar, are whole truffles, that we suggest you cut into thin slices with a slicer (preferably a truffle slicer),into a pan with the brine ^resent in the jar which should never be discarded.

To prepare a dish, we suggest you put truffles (sliced ​​or grated) in a pot by heating it quickly (without frying), with olive oil or butter, add salt, pepper and Parmesan depending on your taste.

After draining the pasta "al dente", pour them into the pan and stir for a few minutes, adding salt water present inside the pot (liquid preservation or curing of the entire truffle).

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