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Funghi de Muschio


Product Details

  • Brand : OD
  • Origin : Italy
  • Latin name : Volvaria volvacea
  • Amount : 550 g
  • Weight : 550g

Pickled straw mushrooms, ready to be savoured. Their natural meaty texture and strong flavour is perfect for hearty wintertime meals. Their full taste is noteworthy in meat, poultry and soup dishes, and also as stuffing for pasta and tortellini.

During the transformation process, we pay special attention to our mushrooms, be they local or imported. They are carefully selected and transformed by hand to ensure they are not damaged.

These delicate mushrooms are then marinated according to ancient family recipes.

Ingredients: Volvaria volvacea, sunflower oil, pepper, vinegar, natural flavour, salt, d'acidity corrector: E330, antioxidant: E300.


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