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Boletes of Eastern North America

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Details du produit

  • Marque : Syracuse University Press
  • Auteur : Alan Bessette (Author), William C. Roody (Author), Arleen Bessette (Author)
  • Année de parution : 2016
  • Pages : 536
  • ISBN : 978-0815610748

 Of all the groups of wild mushrooms, none have engendered more enthusiasm and affection than the boletes. Their inherent beauty, abundance, and, for many, culinary appeal have firmly established boletes in the hearts of mushroom hunters around the world. The habitats, geographic distribution, and ecology of boletes including the intriguing relationships they have with trees and shrubs only add to their interest.

Boletes of Eastern North America offers readers a comprehensive field guide, including extensive descriptions and more than 350 rich color photographs. Each species listing includes the most recent scientific name with existing synonyms; common names when applicable; and an overview that includes field impressions, similar species, and detailed information about habitat, fruiting frequency, and geographic distribution. Because boletes are one of the most sought-after wild mushrooms, the authors have also included a section with information on collecting, cooking, and preserving them. Advanced students and professional mycologists, as well as amateur mushroom hunters, will find this field guide an indispensable resource

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