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Late Summer Aromas
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In 2006, Pierre Noël, a professionnal economist, launched Mycoboutique, an unparalleled venture centered on Fungi. He was soon joined by a young biologist with the Montreal Biodome, his eldest daughter. Now manager, Judith is assisted by seven permanent employees and numerous collaborators who combine essential skills for this unique trade.

Indeed, Mycoboutique offers, both in store and online, everything mushrooms, whether gastronomy, fermentation, cultivation, hiking and knowledge. Always on St-Denis Street.

In addition to a brand new excursion on October 10, there are still places available for the excursions on September 12, 13 and 20.

For curious people who would like to deepen their knowledge, on February 6 and 7, 2021, we offer a 2 days theoretical course plus a one day mycological excursion internship during the 2021 season.

Please call us to reserve a place.


Anise, Fenugreek, Iris, Garlic Anyone ?

Aromas are unique to each species and are of great help in identifying them. Thus, we cannot confuse the powerful-scented matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare) with its look-alike, the odor-less and neglected Swollen-stalked Cat (Catathelasma ventricosa), two late-summer species.

During this period, several aromatic species adorn forest hikes, including Aniseed Funnel Cap, Maple scented Milky, Flowery Blewit, and Garlic Marasmius. Dried, these mushrooms make astonishing condiments.These local mushrooms produce specific scents to attract predators: by harvesting them, intriguing smells are emitted: by picking them, you are doing them a favor.

Those of you who have so far preserved your sense of smell from covid will easily recognize the fragrant aniseed funnel cap (Clitocybe odora). Until the end of September, you will occasionally encounter this mushroom on fallen leaves.

This edible is a real concentrate of a volatile compound widely used in perfumery (p-anisaldehyde).

The Maple Sugar Milky (Lactarius helvus) is typical of the Northeast. The species is part of the so-called Candy Caps, prized by chefs everywhere. According to the author Alan Bessette, iour species stands out from other candy caps for its aroma and its edibility.

With this fenugreek concentrate, Mycoboutique makes powders, shortbreads, and cotton candies.

The Flowery Blewit, a fragrant cousin of the popular common Blewit (Lepista nuda), gives off an easily recognizable floral aroma whose magic matches the fairy ring growing pattern on grassy soils. Its aroma, like the color of its spores, distinguishes it from ill-advisable look-alikes. 

After the rain in the forest, you will be transported by the aroma of garlic-smelling marasmus (Mycetinis scorodonius), growing on coniferous needles or on herbaceous soils.

You might forget the wild garlic. 

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