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Magic Mushrooms
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Three reasons to stay tuned: pleasure, health and knowledge. Our schedule of events has been adapted for the pandemic situation. Thus, given the recent worsening of the crisis, the last excursions of the year have been canceled to avoid interregional trips, as recommended by Public Health Authorities: participants will be reimbursed. In addition, our next events will be held online only. In spite of the ongoing road works on St-Denis, the shop is readily accessible: 5 visitors at a time. We also invite you to shop online.

Our popular outings will resume on May 16th and 22th for a unique outing in which you will discover spring plants as well as mushrooms. You can also already register for our first summer excursion, scheduled for July 18th in the Eastern Townships.

On November 19th, you are invited to an initiation to regional wild mushrooms: you can attend it online in the comfort of your home.

Registrations for our intensive training on February 6 and 7 have started. This training includes a summer excursion in the forest. The number of spots is limited, so don’t delay!

Harvesting is coming to close and you do not want to waste your prized picks. In the fridge, the freshness lasts from a few hours to more than two weeks, depending on the species. Shaggy manes, with 95% humidity, deteriorate in a few hours - a day at the most; chanterelles or matsutake, which hold less humidity, can be stored for a long time in brown paper bags. Unless vacuum packed, airtight bags are to be avoided.

For the longer term, freezing and, for species that lend themselves to it, drying are the options. An easy and effective method: degorge the mushrooms over low heat and freeze them with their broth in a plastic (yes, plastic) bag, vacuum-packed if possible. To learn more, read all our practical tips for cooking mushrooms.

For the past fifty years, psilocybin has been considered a hard drug and banned on this continent. When ingested, this substance, present in many species of psilocybe musrooms, transforms into psychotropic psilocin. The therapeutic effects of this hallucinogen on depression, anxiety and addiction are the subject of much research around the world. Will prohibition be gradually relaxed, as it was in the case of cannabis? During the US election on November 3, Oregon voters will have to vote on the Psilocybin Program. This program would allow accredited providers to dispense this substance to targeted individuals.

Gatherers and cultivators are on the lookout, while chefs are already publishing their cookbooks.

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