December 2020 Mycoscope
Happy New Year
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From all of us, all the best to you for 2021

Next year will be full of projects, starting on February 6 with an intensive training on wild mushrooms and their harvest.

On February 25, Mycoboutique invites you to one of its entertaining evenings of initiation into wild mushrooms. Here is what Jan, a participant, expressing a shared feeling, wrote about our recent event, on October 27: " je voulais remercier Mme Noël, qui nous a offerts le cours d'initiation en ligne. J'ai apprécié le fait que, tout en étant très compétente dans son domaine, avec des connaissances pointues sur la biologie du champignon, autant que dans le plaisir de les cueillir, les identifier et les manger éventuellement, elle n'est pas "geek" au point d'être difficile d'accès: sa capacité à la vulgarisation est importante et appréciée."

On March 26, we will resume our cultivation workshops, with attendance in our shop if sanitary conditions allow.

Of course, you can now reserve your place for next summer's excursions. Don,t wait: the popularity of these hikes is astonishing.

For valiant hikers,genuine chefs, fermented foods afficionados, dedicated cultivators, gourmets or fanciful companions, mushrooms have everything to offer.

If you recognize one of your loved ones in this range of happy people, the Mycoboutique has what they dream of receiving as a gift for the (perhaps virtual) holiday gatherings.

Come visit us or order online!

For centuries, truffles have been mushrooms thought to be created by lightning. Because they grow underground, they are barely visible; they would go unnoticed were it not for their strong smells. Only a few species among the hundreds, the white Alba and the black Périgord in particular, are in great demand. Their aroma is so intense that a few thin slices are enough to pleasantly scent an entire dish. In this period of confinement where attendance to celebrations are restrained to a handful of guests, small-caliber truffles should suffice. A reminder that life goes on despite the health crisis. It should be noted that synthetic aromas can deceive the best experts as there are many look-alikes. To avoid deception, read Truffles for Dummies  so you can pick the best. 

Perhaps you believe the plentiful harvests ended with the first frosts? Think again ! The Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) is a spring to fall edible that freezes at night and reborn during the day, like this one picked on November 28 by Anne-Marie, a friend off ours.

Other species will surprise you with their persistence in the cold: The late Fall Oyster mushroom (Sarcomixa serotina) or the delicious Velvet Foot (Flammulina velutipes). The latter is native of the North-East and known as enokitake to the Japanese, reappears here in the middle of winter as soon as the temperature remains above zero for a few days.

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