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Mushroom Microdosis
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September is a favorable month to start cultivating wine-caps in your garden. For the occasion, the price of the cultivation bags is reduced from $ 35 to $ 27. These colorful edibles can quickly grow big. Aren’t these mushrooms nicknamed Garden Giants? They will decorate your vegetable patch all next season and the following ones. You can either read on our site or view on Youtube our instructions : beware of voracious squirrels..
It is also time to start your cultivation on logs. You just need to pierce the bark of recently cut or fallen trees, place the logs in a shady spot, and introduce colonized dowels. Mycoboutique offers a wide range of gastronomic and medicinal species that will produce for years. The price of seeded dowels is reduced by 25% until the end of the month.

After a rainy start, a hot dry spell hit most of the North-East. Collateral damage: some early mushrooms have dried on their stem while the fruiting of others has been postponed. Nevertheless, there is always pleasure and great surprises to be found in our forest walks, such as this rare edible Apricot Jelly Fungus photographed by a dedicated hiker in our group.
You were probably disappointed to find that all the excursions scheduled up to mid-October were sold out. Mycoboutique therefore offers you a last opportunity, on October 2nd. 

The next few weeks, before the frost, the variety of species at your feet reaches a seasonal peak. All essential gears are waiting for you at the store.

By the way, don't miss the three-day picking training starting in February 2022.

Mushrooms containing psilocin, in particular some species of the genus Psilocybe, are hallucinogenic. Their trade, like that of many other fungi, plants, or synthetic substances having similar effects, has been outlawed for fifty years. However, their psychoactive properties are receiving more and more attention in psychotherapic circles. Subject to prior certification by public health authorities, they are used in a growing number of specialized clinics to treat depression, addiction, and anxiety.  In some instances, effectiveness has been so conclusive that many experts foresee a revolution in psychiatric care.The neurological mechanisms involved are increasingly understood, thanks to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and evolving technologies. However, the appropriate molecules and doses for each dysfunction,for each individual cases remain uncertain. The protocole requires the constant presence of two experienced therapists with the patient and a rigorous follow-up. In short, beware of so-called microdoses of mushrooms sold on the internet. You will find in our store the best introductory books on this topic.  

Caribou is a local culinary magazine that stands out for its relevant topics, competent contributors, and outstanding design.
In a third special edition with food autonomy as the subject, biologistJudith Noël-Gagnonthe, director of Mycoboutique, introduces to wild mushrooms foraging as an exciting treasure hunt that should nonetheless be practiced with caution.

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